The benefits of a Controlled Burn

Wildfires are a serious matter.  In our neck of the woods, a recent forest fire in Easpoint, FL destroyed hundreds of acres of land as well as almost 30 homes in the area.  Authorities are uncertain if it was due to a controlled burn or from a lightning strike.  While a controlled burn might be … Continue reading The benefits of a Controlled Burn

Why the ‘NON-GMO Label’ is Wrong   You’ve probably seen the 'NON-GMO Project Verified' logo a few dozen times during your last trip to the grocery store.  This label is supposed to tell consumers that the item at hand is not a GMO or that it doesn’t have any ingredients that might be derived from GMO crops.  Well, news flash, … Continue reading Why the ‘NON-GMO Label’ is Wrong

The future of Agriculture could be…shipping containers?

There must be something in the family genes of the Musk family.  Elon, the founder of Telsa, SpaceX and his brother, Kimbal, is making a name for himself in the food industry. We won't focus much on his revolutionary restaurant venture, but will instead focus on his plans for the future of farming.  Hydroponics, which … Continue reading The future of Agriculture could be…shipping containers?

Raw Meat vs Cooked Meat   Hello and welcome to Farm Traveler where we’re not at a farm again, this is obviously a kitchen, but we will get to a farm one day.  I promise! Today I’ve got some beef with you...literally.  We have some beef, pork, chicken and fish...well fish in the form of sushi.  So maybe you’ve … Continue reading Raw Meat vs Cooked Meat

Understanding Hydroponics and Aquaponics   Sustainable Agriculture - the production of food, fiber and other plant and animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment.  Things, like preventing soil erosion and conserving water, are great examples. Aquaculture is the process of farming fish, crustaceans, or aquatic plants.  Using tanks, ponds, or even large pens in the … Continue reading Understanding Hydroponics and Aquaponics