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Welcome to the Farm Traveler Farm Finder page. Above you’ll see a handy map that can help you find farmers close to you! These farms might offer tours, direct-to-consumer products you can try, and more! Be sure to contact them at their respective sites.

Below, you’ll also find more information on past guests as well as links to their websites and our interviews.

The content on this page will continue to grow as we interview more and more farmers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs across the globe!

Ag Finances

AgAmerica LendingEpisode Link – Modern solutions to traditional farm loan financing.

CashRentEpisodeLink – CashRent is aimed at improving the renting process between farmers and landowners.

FarmTogetherEpisode Link – FarmTogether is an online investment platform that makes investing in farmland simpler than it ever has been.

Animal Health

Animal Welfare and Sustainable Farming, Dr. Marissa, Hake Episode Link – Dr. Marissa Hake is the Director of Animal Welfare and Sustainable Farming and FariLife and is a former calf veterinarian.


KC Cattle Company Episode Link – This veteran-owned wagyu company offers customers, both in-store and online, some top-quality beef and the world’s best hotdogs.

Certified Angus Beef Episode Link – Diana Clark works for the Certified Andugs beef brand and explains why the breed is the premier beef brand.

Boyd Farms Fresh, Florida – Episode Link – A 7th generation cattle farm on the Florida-Georiga Line. Boyd Farms Fresh is a farm-to-table beef business.

Range MarketEpisode Link – This marketplace allows for ranchers to have higher profits and consumers to find various products and even search based on production techniques (i.e., grass-finished beef, grain-finished beef, organic, etc.).

Rep ProvisionsEpisode Link – Rep Provisions is a direct-to-consumer company providing regeneratively raised meats to consumers across the country.


Wish FarmsEpisode Link – Wish Farms in Plant City, FL, the Winter Strawberry capital of the world.

Amber Brooke FarmsEpisode Link – Amber Brooke Farms (Formerly Red, White, and Blue Farms) in Williston and Eustis, Florida.


Copper Flats Bison Co.Episode Link – Copper Flats Bison, located in Wyoming, Ontario, raise and sell bison in their farm store and to their local community.

The Honest BisonEpisode Link – The Honest Bison is a direct-to-consumer bison meat company.


Lavaloha, Hilo, Hawaii – Episode Link – Lavaloha grows single-origin chocolate in the volcanic soil of Hawaii.



Big Bluff RanchEpisode Link – Organically raised chicken, focusing on quality, not quantity.

Farmer FocusEpisode Link – Farmer Focus is raising the standard of raising chickens. Started a few years ago by Corwin Heatwole, Farmer Focus is not only changing growing standards but also giving farmers more control over how and why they farm.


Moomers Ice Cream, Michigan- Episode Link – Moomers Handmade Ice Cream is home to the best ice cream in Michigan and is also approved by the President of the United States.

Vine Farm Dairy, UK – Episode Link – Charlotte and James from Vine Farm Dairy and have a unique milk vending machine at their farm.

Southern Craft Creamery – Episode Link – …

Farm Stores

Grab ‘n’ Grow GreenhouseEpisode Link – Jenny, aka the Witty Farmer, has opened an amazing farm store that has exploded in popularity!


Williams Honey Farm, Tennessee – Episode Link – Jay Williams from Williams Honey Farm in Tennessee. Jay walks us through how he went from film school to beekeeping.


McMullin Orchards, Utah – Episode Link – McMullin Orchards has been in business for almost 100 years and grows various fruits like cherries, peaches, nectarines, pears, and apples.


Pork RhyneEpisode Link – “Pork” Rhyne Cureton is a pork expert and evangelist.

Row Crops

Farmer Dan, Texas – Episode Link – Dan Sell is a row crop farmer from Texas that grows wheat and milo, and Dan makes a few TikTok videos along the way.

Supply Chain

Simpli Episode Link – The team at Simpli is fixing the food supply chain, helping farmers and consumers.


Vertical Farming/Micro-Greens

Twisted River Farms, Mitchell, Iowa – Episode Link – Twisted River farms is growing some amazing microgreens and leafy greens in Iowa.

Aerofarms, New York- Episode Link – Aerofarms grows high-quality greens using vertical farming technology around the New York City area.

Legacy Greens, Tallahassee, Florida – Episode Link – Daniel & Jordan Miranda are the brains behind Legacy Greens, a Tallahassee-based Microgreens farm.

Vertical Harvest, Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Episode Link – Nona Yehia and her team at Vertical Harvest are revolutionizing food and employment in so many ways.