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With fewer people involved in production agriculture, the communication gap between farmers and consumers is wider than it ever has been.  Here on the Farm Traveler Podcast, I’m on a mission to learn exactly how our food is made by interviewing farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and anyone involved in the agriculture industry.  If you’re interested in working with us, check out some helpful info below.

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  1. Bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.
  2. Provide an outlet for farmers to share their stories.


  • Podcast: 350 weekly downloads. 90th percentile podcast
  • Downloads in the USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, UAE, and several other countries.


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New episodes of the Farm Traveler Podcast are available each Wednesday and can be found on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Stitcher, and anywhere you listen to podcasts.


  1. Launch April 2019
  2. Eclipsed 10,000 Downloads October 2019
  3. A 90th Percentile Podcast (Averaging over 350 downloads per episode after 60 days)

Past Guests

Jack Maxwell, AcreTrader, Dr. Kevin Folta, Cashrent, Vance Crowe, Derrick Josi, Kylie Epperson, Ag Aviation Adventures

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