Personal Development

Habits are a hard thing to build. Let’s fix that.

The podcast that started it all for me was The Art of Manliness. The podcast, and even the website, offer almost an infinite amount of thoughtfully curated content aimed at making men, and women, better. Experts weigh in subjects like how to better manage finances, planning and implementing workouts, how to sharpen personal and interpersonal skills, and even how to survive a bear attack. Mostly, the content is to help readers work on their personal development.

I’ve subscribed to countless productivity gurus, Matt D’Avella, Thomas Frank, and many, many more. But like most people, I struggle with motivation and not procrastinating. Well, I want to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe this will help you too. Maybe it won’t. Maybe this is just a huge brain dump that helps. We shall see.

So this content will be different than Farm Traveler. Here, I’ll share strategies, tips/tricks, and books aimed at personal development. This won’t be all serious, it’ll be fun. Stick around.

EGO is the Enemy

I’ve been on a stoic’s kick lately thanks to following the Daily Stoic newsletter. Long story short, author Ryan Holiday shares wisdom from ancient philosophers and teachers us how we can apply it to modern-day life. Habits like learning to let go of things you can’t control, beginning with the end in mind, and a…More

Demand the best from yourself

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself and in no instance bypass the discriminations of reason?”More

Is procrastination good for productivity? Maybe?

Who here procrastinates? Everyone? Ok. Good, glad I’m not alone. I used to think that procrastination was a bad thing. And well, when left unchecked it kind of is. But, when done right, procrastination can be a good thing. Take the below video. It’s one of my favorite Ted Talks ever. Also, it seems to…More

The hardest thing about adulthood.

Back in the day, the Lego aisle at Walmart was my favorite place. Dozens and dozens of Lego sets were there for the taking. I was excited over the prospects of a new toy but also stressed out as to which one to get. “Should I get the new Bionicle set or another Star Wars…More

Do what scares you.

So you’ve heard about Allie and I’s boat. We love taking it out with friends to Shell Island (a little peninsula where all the locals go to hangout on weekends in the summer), fishing, or even afternoon trips with Sadie. Truth is, I’m always scared to take it out. I’m scared the waves might be…More

Time Blocking

This year I’ve been trying to stay focused. It’s been going ok, except for wh…SQUIRREL!!! Ok, clearly I still need work. But, one tool that actually has been super helpful is Time Blocking. Queue all the Elon Musk fanboys because this is a tactic that Elon apparently uses daily. Time blocking is pretty much scheduling…More


Off and on for the last few years I have attempted journaling. Each morning, actually only mornings where I’m able (aka not lazy enough) to wake up early, I’ll get a cup of coffee or tea, and sit down to journal. The current book I’m journaling with is Bob Goff’s Live in Grace, Walk in…More


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