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Personal Development

Habits are a hard thing to build. Let’s fix that.

The podcast that started it all for me was The Art of Manliness. The podcast, and even the website, offer almost an infinite amount of thoughtfully curated content aimed at making men, and women, better. Experts weigh in subjects like how to better manage finances, planning and implementing workouts, how to sharpen personal and interpersonal skills, and even how to survive a bear attack. Mostly, the content is to help readers work on their personal development.

I’ve subscribed to countless productivity gurus, Matt D’Avella, Thomas Frank, and many, many more. But like most people, I struggle with motivation and not procrastinating. Well, I want to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe this will help you too. Maybe it won’t. Maybe this is just a huge brain dump that helps. We shall see.

So this content will be different than Farm Traveler. Here, I’ll share strategies, tips/tricks, and books aimed at personal development. This won’t be all serious, it’ll be fun. Stick around.

The beginnings…

Orange La Croix is my favorite. Pretty much anything orange is. Maybe because I’m from Florida? You never know. “Your first blog post is gonna suck. Your 1000th, will be … Continue Reading The beginnings…