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Podcast Consulting

You’re here because maybe you have a podcast or maybe you have been thinking about starting one. THAT’S GREAT! Podcasts are now more popular than YouTube channels as more and more people are finding it easy to start a podcast and get their message or stories out there!

Podcast courses are a dime a dozen on the internet, some absolutely wonderful and some not so much. I have been podcasting now for almost two years and believe I have created a great show with superb audio quality. If you’d like me to help you start or improve your podcast, I would be more than happy to help!

I am now offering consulting services for podcasting. Not just a one and done meeting, but an on going relationship where I can assist you develop and build your podcast. Below you’ll find some services I can assist with. For more information, please email me directly at, or Message me on Facebook.

Get in touch!


  • Developing a Launch Plan for Your Podcast
  • Advice on Software and Hardware (both free and paid products)
  • Artwork and Social Media Recommendations
  • Successful Podcast Organization Techniques
  • Understanding Podcast Metrics
  • Booking Guests
  • Building an Interview Outline
  • Building a Listener Base
  • Creating a Podcasting Website and Social Media Accounts
  • I will even EDIT your podcast episodes! (for additional fees)