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Each week we will bring you interviews with farmers, ranchers, extension agents, ag entrepreneurs, and others involved in the agriculture industry.  Click on the above Podcast App of your choice!

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Vance Crowe Headshot (1)

Vance Crowe: Consultant and former Director for Millennial Engagement at Monsanto

“There are so many things that go into modern row crop farming that people would have no idea about.  It is so sophisticated and so complicated that really it’s a question of where to begin.”

Vance – Episode 35



This Farm CARES , Florida Farm Bureau

“This program recognizes farmers and ranchers efforts to protect Florida’s natural resources and to be good stewards of the land by implementing Best Management Practices.”

Cacee Hilliard – Episode 10



Register Family Bee Farm, Freeport, FL

“One of our jobs as commercial honey producers is to put the right number of bees in the right locations so that they have easy access to the plants that are producing nectar.”

Joseph Register – Episode 5



Sweetwater Valley Farm, Philadelphia, TN

“The cows are our livelihood so we want to make sure we take good care of them.  Cow comfort is #1 on our farm.”

Mary Lyndal Harrison – Episode 1


Other Past Guests: Dr. Kevin Folta, Michele Payn, Derrick Josi, Tim Hammerich, Henry Gordon-Smith, Emily Shaw, Butterball, Animal Ag Alliance, Ranch Wives Beef Company, Vine Farm Dairy