Podcast Episode 48: The Grateful Farm Wife – Kylie Epperson

Kylie (1)

Row cropping isn’t easy.  Neither is pork production.  Motherhood surely isn’t a walk in the park either.  Now imagine doing all three!

In our interview today, Kylie Epperson will share how she balances all her responsibilities on the farm as well as producing a podcast called, Midwest Farm Wives.  With pork production, there are many misconceptions about farrowing creates that Kylie will address and explain the purpose behind them as well as how they care for their livestock.  In addition, she’ll explain how the farm works with seed and chemical companies while also making sure her kids are learning valuable lessons like hard work and critical thinking.  Kylie also has advice on what farmers can do to share their story to consumers like not comparing yourself and being true to yourself and your story.

Kylie Epperson is a row crop farmer, pork producer, and mother on their family farm.  She is also a fellow podcaster with Midwest Farm Wives podcast which shares advice on farm life and motherhood.  On top of all that, Kylie is also an avid agriculture advocate!

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Kylie on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

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Show Notes:

  • Kylie Epperson
  • Agriculture in Missouri
  • Farrow to Finish Pork
  • Row Crops
  • Iowa Agriculture
  • Fair to Wean Pork
  • Sow Units
  • Gestation Crates
  • Farrowing Crates
  • Pork Production Misconceptions
  • United States Meat Production
  • Contract Growers vs Independent Growers
  • Nursery Piglets
  • Finisher Barns
  • Dangers momma pigs pose to their piglets
  • Being a mom and farming
  • Midwest Farm Wives Podcast
  • Barn Burning Down


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Podcast Episode 47: Drone Farming?

Aerial Influence

One of the more popular technological advancements over the past few years has been drones.  Once huge and expensive machines can now be easily bought on Amazon for just a few dollars and require very little training to become an ace drone pilot.  Maybe you have a drone for recreational use and haven’t crashed it yet.  Or perhaps more realistically, you’re a common drone pilot that crashes into windows, doors, and fences.  Drone technology is here to stay and make our lives a bit easier in some areas.  Many industries, like agriculture, are taking advantage of this emerging technology to solve problems like applying pesticides, surveying irrigation equipment and land, to even delivering beneficial insects to crops.

Our guests today are David Plummer and Michael Ferguson from Illinois based Aerial Influence focused on drone technology.  David and Michael will both explain how drone technology has changed in recent years, the many uses of drones in the agriculture industry, and what regulations drone pilots must follow.  They will also tell us how police and fire departments are starting to use drones by aiding in search and rescue operations and even drones being used in delivery services.

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Aerial Influence Website

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Show Highlights:

  • David and Michael’s start in the drone world
  • Drone Technology
  • How drones have become more user-friendly
  • DJ Mavic Mini
  • GoPro Karma Drone
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for drone use
  • How farmers use drone technology
  • Drones used to survey fields
  • Drones used to spray pesticides
  • Agricultural Education Programs offering drone classes
  • How Aerial Influence got started in the agriculture space
  • Police and Firefighters drone uses
  • The future of drone technology