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There’s always been three people that I consider “Reliable financial advisors.” My dad, my grandpa (my dad’s dad), and Jim Cramer. The former two have dabbled in the stock market for decades and have seen pretty decent returns. Jim Cramer on the other hand is well known investment guru (and a hilarious one at that). These guys have been a wealth of knowledge to listen to. However, none of them knew about the prospect of farm land investing and how it is much more stable and often safer than stock market investing. Now one company, FarmTogether, is making investing in farmland much easier than ever before.

Recently, I sat down with FarmTogether founder and CEO, Artem Milinchuk, to talk about farmland investing and how FarmTogether is making it a much easier process than ever before.

So why invest in farmland?

First off, why would someone want to invest in farmland? As Artem mentioned in our podcast interview (check it out below), available farmland in the United States is shrinking due to increase in population. Obviously, with an increaes in population, we will need more food than ever. It’s estimated in the next 20-30 years, we will increase world-wide population by 2 Billion people. That’s 2 billion MORE mouths to feed, three times a day, everyday. That’s a lot more food needed than what we produce now. So it seems that farmland value will continue to go up as more farmers are either growing their operations, starting new ones, or even consolidating. With investments in row crops and even specialty crops like apples, and IRR (annual rate of growth an investment) anywhere from 7 – 20%, farm investment looks like a stable and very lucrative investment for any portfolio.

So why FarmTogether?

FarmTogether offers an all-in-one tool to invest in farms across the United States. While other investment sites only offer certain areas, FarmTogether allows you to pick any crop and any location around the country that is part of their extensive listing.

They also do their research when adding farmland to the platform. Using their state-of-the-art technology and curating process, FarmTogether only adds sites with real promise of delivering decent returns for your investment. The farms selected often practice sustainable, regenerative production methods with promises high quality soil and high quality produce. These production methods are growing in terms of populatiry with consumers, so farmers are staying on trend to capitalize as much as possible, both of profit and for environmental reasons.

Also, this isn’t some process where you invest and never hear from FarmTogether. They encourage investors who are looking at starting an account to contact them with questions, comments, concerns, etc. There are also wonderful resources on their website that offer more details on what the investment process is like and much more.

If have been thinking about diversifying your portfolio, I encourage you to check out FarmTogether. It’s a great platform that not only helps farmers, but also investors. Their easy to use site and resources take out the intimidation of investing.

Check out or our interview below!

Ep. 93: How FarmTogether is Changing Investing

Curious about learning more when it comes to investing? What about investing in farmland? Then you will find today’s episode very helpful.

This week I sit down with Artem Milinchuk, founder and CEO of FarmTogether, an online investment platform that makes investing in farmland as simple as it’s ever been. In our interview, Artem will explain why farmland investing is usually safer than the stock market, what returns are like, and how a reduction in available farmland might lead to greater profits for investors. Be sure to check out FarmTogether at the links below!

Check out FarmTogether at the links below

FarmTogether Website

Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Show Notes:

  • FarmTogether
  • Artem Milinchuk
  • Farm land investing basics
  • Why farmland investing is a safer bet than stocks
  • Investment returns
  • Long-term vs short-term investments
  • Investing strategies
  • Process of farms selection with FarmTogether
  • Availability to US/International Investors

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