Podcast Ep 29: Dairy farming, Tillamook, and fighting internet trolls with Derrick Josi


Our guest today is Derrick Josi, but you might know him best as tdf_honest_farming on Facebook and Instagram.  Derrick is a fourth generation dairy farmer in Tillamook County, Oregon.  Derrick is super active on social media showcasing the life of a dairy farmer and constantly fighting misinformation surrounding dairy production.  Check out our great conversation and be sure to check out Derrick’s content at the links below.

Connect with Derrick:

Derrick’s Facebook Page

Derrick on Instagram

Derrick’s website: Tillamook Dairy Farmer

AG Daily: 5 Best videos from Derrick of TDF_Honest_Farming

Additional Episode Links:

itunes  spotify  1200x630wa  app-icons-youtube   red-sushi-logo.png

Talking Points:

  • Oregon dairy industry
  • Current state of the U.S. dairy industry
  • Tillamook dairy
  • Tillamook County Creamery Association
  • Fighting animal rights activists on social media
  • Fighting false information in animal ag
  • Ag Industry helping farmers fight the good fight

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