Podcast Episode 52: Tennessee Ag Lawyer and Advocate


When you hear Tennessee you might think about Gatlinburg, the “moonshine” tastings, and the Great Smokey Mountains.  Or maybe you’re a huge college football fan and picture Neyland Stadium, aka Rockytop, and the mascot, Smokey.  Whatever you might picture is probably not agriculture, despite it being the largest industry in the state.  Our guest today is Matthew McClanahan, an Ag Lawyer, Advocate, and rancher from the great state of Tennessee.  Matthew will tell us about his background growing up on the farm, practicing Ag Law, and advocating for agriculture with the American Farm Bureau.  In our discussion, Matthew will explain the diversity behind the Tennessee agriculture industry and its impact on the state’s economy.

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Matthew on Instagram

Show Notes:

  • Growing up in Tennessee
  • Tennessee Law School
  • Common Ag Law problems
  • Farm succession planning
  • Estate Planning
  • “Hand-shake” deals
  • Lawsuits
  • Property Lines
  • Tenessee “Right to Farm”
  • Tennessee agriculture industry
  • American Farm Bureau Federation: Partners in Advocacy Leadership Program (PALS)
  • Farm Tours and Agrotourism
  • Working with larger companies on advocating for Ag
  • Social Media and educate consumers on food production
  • Farmer consumer relationship

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