Podcast Episode 58: Microgreens and Corner Stores


Kentucky 2 (1)


Mike Jackson is the founder of Kentucky Greens in Louisville, Kentucky.  With Kentucky Greens, Mike is growing hydroponic microgreens, lettuce, and other produce.  Not only is he venturing in the hydroponic industry, Mike is also trying to change a huge problem many of us are completely unaware of, the lack of fresh, nutritious food in corner stores.  Many low income families rely on these convenient stores for cheap food, but often can’t find fresh food or anything besides canned or heavily processed food items.  To combat this, Mike is working with several non-profits to provide consumers with healthier choices and better food and agriculture education.


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Check out Kentucky Greens at the links below:

Kentucky Greens on Facebook


Kentucky Greens on Instagram

Show Notes:

  • Mike Jackson and the start if Kentucky Greens
  • Growing Microgreens
  • Hydroponic Systems
  • Organic hydroponics?
  • Working with non-profits
  • Helping raised garden beds
  • Ag in the city
  • Corner stores
  • Expiration dates on cans
  • Surviving vs thriving
  • Convenience
  • Farm to School
  • Working with charter schools

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