Ep 106: Growing Food and Futures

I am over the moon for today’s episode. Vertical Harvest is changing the game when it comes to not only urban farming, but also with employment for people with disabilities. Today on the show, we are chatting with Nona Yehia, co-founder of Vertical Harvest in Jackson Hole, WY. Nona and her team are revolutionizing food and employment in so many ways. I think you’ll enjoy this episode as much as I had during the interview. Also, be sure to check out the mission of Vertical Harvest, as well as some cool photos and links to their website.

Vertical farming is a growing industry that uses environmentally sound practices to produce nutrient-dense food grown locally year-round, and yields more crops per square foot than traditional farming. Vertical Harvest has a company mission to grow both food and futures. The company pairs innovative growing technologies of vertical farming with jobs for the underemployed population in what has been proven in Jackson to be a successful model for uplifting local economies, providing fresh nutritious produce to schools, hospitals, restaurants, markets, and consumers, and embodies a commitment to civic participation, health, and the environment.

from Verticalharvestfarms.com

Check out Vertical Harvest at the links below:

Vertical Harvest Website

Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Quote of the episode:

“Pairing the job to the individual and the individual to the job”

Show Notes

  • Nona Yehia’s background – Masters degree in architecture
  • Background and inspiration behind Vertical Harvest – Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • What are underserved populations?
  • The process of hiring and the education process of workers
  • Planning out building, hydroponics, structure of systems
  • Advantages of hydroponics in urban areas
  • Working with underserved populations (people with disabilities)
  • What has the response been like?
  • Biggest challenges with the business
  • Locations in Wyoming and now Maine
  • Is this the future of agriculture?
  • Thoughts on farmer/consumer relationship

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