Podcast Ep. 42: Inspector by day, Podcaster by Night – Nate of Everybody Has a Story



Our guest today is a quality assurance representative in the potato industry by day and a podcaster by night.  His name is Nate and his podcast is called Everyone Has a Story.  Nate works in the potato capital of the U.S. and will explain what his job entails as well as the inspiration behind his podcast, Everyone Has a Story.  His podcast is all about bringing to light all the unique stories and experiences we all have and develop during our lives.  Nate’s podcast is a great show so be sure to check it out!

Connect with Nate and his podcast:

iTunes – Everyone Has a Story

Spotify – Everyone Has a Story

Nate’s Website


Additional Episode Links:

itunes  spotify  1200x630wa  Untitled design (2)  Untitled design (1)  red-sushi-logo.png


Show Highlights:

  • Nate’s day job as potato inspector
  • Life in Idaho
  • Idaho potato industry
  • Potato Warehouses
  • Classifications of potatoes
  • Process Grade Potato
  • US #1 Potatoes
  • Russet Potato
  • Potato growing season
  • Rejecting potatoes
  • Everybody Has a Story podcast
  • Equipment for podcasting
  • How Nate got into podcasting
  • Experience with interviewing
  • Sharing stories
  • Cows under palm trees

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