The hardest thing about adulthood.

Back in the day, the Lego aisle at Walmart was my favorite place. Dozens and dozens of Lego sets were there for the taking. I was excited over the prospects of a new toy but also stressed out as to which one to get. “Should I get the new Bionicle set or another Star Wars ship? Or maybe Megablocks?….Eh no. Megablocks are bad.” The only real question was which one mom and dad would let me have because as most parents know, Legos are crazy expensive.

Fast forward a few decades and I’m feeling the same excitement and stress I felt on that aisle. Just this time it’s towards what hobbies to follow. Most of the time, every man has their go to hobby. But, I can’t really identify one or even two hobbies. Fishing? BBQ? Coding? Reading? Exercising? Wood working? Drawing? Hunting? Gardening? Firearms? Podcasting? Golf? Diving? Cooking? Flying? Just to name a few! Which do I choose?!

Many of my friends and family are experts in one or two hobbies. One friend knows all things about guns and cars. Another is an expert gardener. While another, is an outdoor expert. Yet, I’ve struggled to find just one or even two. Instead, I’m ok at BBQ. I can do the odd wood working project here and there. I’m a decent gardener and an “ok” cook.

Yet, there are a lot more things I’d like to do. Like flying (but I need a cool $10,000 to get started at that, lol), golfing, and fishing (R.I.P. our boat), just to name a few.

But the key lesson here, that I’m slowly learning, is that as long as your trying something and having fun, you’re golden. It’s okay to be a jack of all trades, master of none. It’s also ok to be a pro at one hobby. As long as your learning and trying to improve at something you enjoy, you’ll be just fine.

What’s your hobby? Or rather, what are your hobbies?


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