Ep 112: Jay Williams – Williams Honey Farm

Beekeeping and honey production are not easy tasks. Especially now as bee populations continue to dwindle across the world. My guest today is Jay Williams from Williams Honey Farm in Tennessee. Jay walks us through how he went from film school to beekeeping! Jay and I also talk about the issues facing bees, his beekeeping academy for beginning and novice beekeepers, and how he removes bees from all types of places where they AREN’T supposed to be.

And fun fact for you, Jay’s sister is the one and only Kimberly Williams-Paisley!


Jay’s Bio:

Jay Williams has owned and operated Williams Honey Farm LLC for the past 13 years.  He produces award winning honey, raises nucs/queens, teaches in-person/digital beekeeping schools, and coaches/mentors new and seasoned beekeepers.  His bees have been the subject of film and print productions both locally and nationally.  Globally, his beekeeping videos have been viewed more than 7 million times.  Follow along with his daily beekeeping adventures @williamshoneytn or visit www.williamshoneyfarm.com for more info.

Listen to the episode on the apps below:

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Show Notes

  • Jay’s background in filmmaking
  • Filmmaking now Bees
  • The start of Williams Honey Farm
  • Tactical Beekeeping Academy and Coaching
  • Almond farms and bees…a unhealthy relationship?
  • Growing on Instagram with videos and reels
  • Mites attacking bee populations.
  • Harvesting Bee Pollen
  • What is Bee Venom and is it helpful to humans?
  • Getting stung on purpose? That’s apitherapy.
  • Bee removal process.
  • How Jay makes honey products.
  • Current issues facing bees and beekeeping

Facts on Honey and Bees

  • Queen bees can lay 2000 eggs PER DAY!

Top Quotes

  • “A lot of people focus on the honey.  You’ve got to remember that there are a ton of other thing a bee hive produces.”
  • “No one has figured out how to be the perfect beekeeper.  No one has really mastered it yet.  We’re still paving the way to do it better.”

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