176: This California Poultry Farm can Change the World

Tyler Dawley is the man behind Big Bluff Ranch, a farm-raising pasture chicken. Tyler and the ranch believe they can change the California Ag industry, and after our interview, I really believe they can. This is an awesome chat about how our diets should reflect our states’ ecosystems, the benefits of supporting local farmers, and a lot more. We’ll also talk about how the farm went from cows to pigs and then to chickens and why some small-scale producers struggle when it comes to processing their birds. And also, can organ meat be the next trend thanks to creatives like Mr. Beast and his new Mr Beast burger? Be sure to check out Tyler and Big Bluff Ranch at the links below!

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Show Notes:

Big Bluff Ranch

Digital marketing your products

What are pasture-raised chickens?

How have our diets changed

What difference does pasture-raised chicken make?

Do you think better-raised livestock can lead to better health for consumers?

California agriculture’s changes through the years

Benefits of selling organ meat

Why is organ meat gaining in populatiry?

Mr. Beast and his new Mr Beast burger

Why do some processors turn ways small producers?

What makes your chicken organic?

California meat boxes

Challenges of raising chickens on a pasture

Agritourism on the farm

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