Why does coffee make mornings so much better?

Wake up. Check phone. Make a cup of coffee. Drink a cup of coffee. Start the day.

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on Pexels.com

This simple process is probably what most mornings look like for everyone. There is just something refreshing about starting the day with a warm (or cold) cup of coffee. Of course, the caffeine really helps you wake up. But maybe it’s mainly the routine of making that coffee that is really what helps start our day.

For example, I really like coffee in the mornings and it helps me get somewhat productive. I think making it a point to focus on the coffee and even just enjoy it while doing nothing else is a great way to focus and get ready. Man, if it was cooler here in Florida, I might even sit out in the backyard and just sit and drink for a while but it’s waaaaay too hot.

So, why do you drink your coffee (or tea, energy drinks, etc) right when you wake up? Do you do it for the quick fix of caffeine or because it helps signal it’s time to move?

Let me know!

But first, time for a second cup.


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